As Governor I put together a task force to look at the entire Divisional structure of our District. As a result of the findings of this task force the Board approved a restructuring plan which cuts us from 26 divisions down to 21 divisions. Numbering still begins in Maine so as a result we (Augusta, Rockland, Pittsfield, & Waterville,) are now Division 3, with just four divisions in Maine. The former divisions two and three combined into new Division 2. All of this takes effect on October 1 of this year.

In addition a task force was formed to do a complete rewrite of our Policies and Procedures which the Board gave their blessing to at the meeting in March.

The District has also hired a Membership Coordinator who’s responsibilities include membership retention and new club opening. He is available to work with any and all clubs and divisions as you need it.

Attendance has been up at all of our events this year with over 400 people attending the midwinter training conference in March. I made this a priority for my year and it has been working the far?

Except for Membership I have one remaining goal to be completed this year with that goal being our Strategic Plan which we are calling the I-Plan in conjunction with KI. This is in the final stages of review before being presented to a special board meeting. Paul and Kim have been involved on this particular task force.

I put forth a lot of goals and the Board has worked very hard with me to achieve those goals that year!! The remainder of the year will be working on membership retention and growth. There are 12 sites identified for new club openings and the plan is to shoot for at least six. One has already opened in Boston so just need five more!!!

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