In order to carry out all projects that our club is involved with throughout the year, each member is asked to join one or more committees. 

Name Chairs Description
Auction Committee
Fleury, Laurier
Organizes and directs our club's major fundraiser, held in November each year.
Board of Directors
Arsenault, Carrie
Board of Directors
Communications: Website, Email, Newsletter
Durgin, Christine
Updates website and portal. Emails members weekly. Updates the newsletter/blog through the website.
Community Service
Doherty, Katie
Identifies areas within our community in which there is a need for programs directly impacting youth and translates those needs into programs. Plans our quarterly collections for donation to the community; organizes our club’s service projects.
West, Robert
Discusses and chooses how our community service budget will be distributed.
Finance Committee
Davidson, Philip
Oversees our budget; reviews finances.
Human and Spiritual Values
West, Robert
Develops spiritual aims program for regular meetings and for participation in Division and District programs.
Inter-club Relations and Fellowship
Michaud, Kim
Responsible for planning the Inter-club program. Visiting other Clubs within our Division each year is a condition of our continued participation in Kiwanis.
International Foundation
Savage, Alice
Reports on information from the Kiwanis International Foundation.
Kiwanis Foundation of New England and Kiwanis Pediatric Trauma Institute
Savage, Alice
Kiwanis Foundation of New England and Kiwanis Pediatric Trauma Institute
Laws and Regulations
Winslow, Warren (JR)
Laws and Regulations
Fleury, Laurier
Develops membership recruiting and retention plans. Votes on prospective members.
Gregory, Sherry
Researches and nominates candidates for leadership roles in the coming year and conducts the vote.
Program Committee
Pohl, Elizabeth
Doherty, Katie
Plans each weekly meeting's program; also recommends special events such as special recognition meetings to the Board.
Public Relations/Publicity
Durgin, Christine
Submits information to Yankiwanian, the New England District publication, and Kiwanis International magazine, as well as local media outlets. Oversees all activity on Facebook and other social media channels.
Winslow, Warren (JR)
Recommends all legal matters affecting our Club to the Board of Directors. Prepares resolutions for adoption by the membership as a whole.
Safety Co-ordinator
Littlefield, Freeman
Coffin, Jennifer
Develops guidelines used by area schools in the awarding of the Augusta Kiwanis Scholarship.
Youth Services/Sponsored Youth
Kanozak, Charles
Assists in directing the Key Clubs at Cony High School, Hall-Dale High School, and Richmond High School, the Builder's Club at Cony Middle School, and the K-Kids Club at Farrington Elementary School.