Our History

The Augusta Kiwanis Club was chartered on June 16, 1922 by The Auburn/Lewiston Kiwanis Club and The Kiwanis Club International.  The Augusta Kiwanis Club celebrated its 95th birthday in 2017.

The Kiwanis Club of Augusta, Maine

H.E. Dunnack was the first elected president, serving in 1922 and again in 1923. During our first 89 years, we counted in our membership a number of honored members. Among the names of especially distinguished Augusta Kiwanians: Maine Gov. Horrace Hildreth, who was also U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan; Gov. Frederick G. Payne who was also a former Augusta mayor and U.S. Senator; William R. Pattengall, former Attorney General and Chief Justice of the Maine Supreme Judicial Court; Frank G. Farrington, Kiwanis Past President and member of the Maine Supreme Judicial Court; Robert Cony, former Augusta mayor and member of the Superior Court; Charles P. Nelson, former Augusta mayor and a member of Congress.

In addition to the mayors mentioned above, other Kiwanians who served as mayors of Augusta were Ernest Mclean, Levi T. Williams, Sanford Fogg, Brooks Brown Jr., and Sylvio Gilbert. We also boasted among our ranks a number of prominent state and federal officials, the likes of Whit Wheeler sand Bill Desedlo, who were IRS directors in Maine; Stanton Weed, Maine Director of Motor Vehicles, Jon Lund, Maine Attorney General and Maine Senator; Kiwanis Past President Bennett Katz, Maine Senate Majority Leader; and Russ Brown, State Representative.

At one time we had three Generals among our members–Maine National Guard Generals Edwin Heywood, Fred McInnis and currently Don Nichols.

– Thanks to resident historian and Past President (1965), Milt Huntington, for this research.