Meeting of May 14

Prior to today’s meeting:

Bert Languet leads the Club Meetings Committee (Programs) in a constructive
get together.  Workers include Bob West, Beth Crummett and Roger Pomerleau.
Missing from photo, Milt Huntington, cameraman.


Dale Prescott and Dick Cummings are back in our midst, accompanied by
Regulars Warren Winslow,  Charlie Kanozak and Jed Davis.


Left to right, Beth Crummett, Kim Michaud, Roger Pomerleau, Jim Jurczak
and Roy Hussey.


Lef to right, Debbie Knox, Jane Warren, Jen Coffin, Karen MacGilvry, and
Phillip Davidson.


Sherry Gregory updated us on the upcoming election of officers


Nominating Committee met on May 4, 2015.
Nominations can be taken from the floor.
First Reading of the proposed slate- May 14,2015
Second Reading of proposed slate –May 21, 2015
Election to be held- May 28, 2015
2015-2016 Nomination Committee Report
Directors: Term ending Sept.30, 2018
Debbie Violette
Jane Warren
Rick Maxwell
Tom Warren
Officers: 2015-2106
President: Kim Mondonedo
President-elect: Paul Michaud
Vice President: OPEN
Treasurer: Phillip Davidson
Assistant treasurer: Gary Lapierre
Immediate Past President: Bill Tozier
Secretary & Assistant Secretary elected by the board
Scholarship Foundation Board of Trustees: Term Ending Sept. 30,2018
John Gregory
Betsy Pohl
Roger Pomerleau
Todays Guests
Left to right, Signe Lynch, Avery Page, Haley Houdlette, and Emma Begin
accompanied by our own Dr. Alice Savage.
Kim Michaud announced the May anniversaries.
Dick Barnes               1976
Bill Bridgeo                2007
Bert Languet              2001
Karen MacGilvray     2009
Delaine Nye                1989
 Bert Languet introduced todays Key Club Speakers

 The Four Hall-Dale juniors took the podium Thursday to describe  their recent experiences at the Key Club District Convention in Springfield, Mass.  They labeled the trip a memory of a lifetime, a learning experience that inspired them with good ideas for Key Club activities and projects.


John Gregory won the Senator’brunch certificate and Karen MacGilvray got the loot.

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Meeting of May 7

Once again, our own personal piano player.  So nice to have music each week


Left to right, Alice Savage,  Beth Crummett, Kim Michaud, Roger Pomerleau,
and Roy Hussey



Ben Ridley, Chelsea Moeller, Tom Warren and Rick Maxwell.


..  Charlie Kanozak was at the table first.  The ladies  flocked to him.  They
were Angela Lemiere  Jane Warren, Delaine’s guest, Sammee Quong, and
Debbie Knox.


.Welcome back for the summer Dick Cummings









Todays program was a special mothers day program organized by our own Sherry Gregory.  Ironically, Sherry couldn’t make it because she was taking care of her sick mother.  Filling in was Bob West




Our own Bob West delivered a well-received Mother’s Day program, that featured a thorough history of the special occasion, and then added personal and spontaneous memories from individual Kiwanis members that rose nostalgia to a whole new level.

Bob told of different ways Mother’s Day is observed throughout the world and emphasized that the special day is the busiest day of the year in American restaurants. In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson designated Mother’s Day to be a national holiday.

Among Kiwanis members contributing personal Mother’s Day memories: Kim Mondonedo, Delaine Nye, Chelsea Moeller and Milt Huntington.

Welcome back, Dick Cummings, winner of this week’s brunch certificate.  Congratulations, Alice Savage for taking home the loot.




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