Meeting of June 25

Small crowd on this Thursday ….maybe the weather outside was too good for once.  Plus we were missing five members who were attending the Kiwanis International Convention in Indianapolis.  Representing our club were past New England Governor Carolyn Perry, Kiwanis International Foundation Trustee Dr. Alice Savage, New England K-Kids administrator Kim Michaud, Div 4 Lt. Governor Linda Wohl, and Vice President and Lt. Gov Designate Paul Michaud.


Meanwhile back in Augusta: Bruce Flaherty,  Carrie Arsenault, Meagan Loubier, & Debbie Knox.


..  Gabriela Lanquet, Bert’s daughter and a Key Club V.P., Bert, Charlie
Kanozak, and Joshua Turner.



Dick Barnes joined the head table and  never did  get to introduce the speaker, who was a no-show, but did get to tell us of his world of  boating.  He’s the delivery captain of
Barnes Yacht Service in Boothbay.  This prompted President Bill to invite
Kiwanians from the audience to tell their stories of boating and other
personal accounts which made for an excellent way to get to know some of our
members better.  As it developed, it was a very interesting program.


IMG_0829we head from Meagan Loubier, Debbie Knox, Milt Huntington, Carrie Arsenault, Ben Ridley,
and Joshua Turner.




audienceSitting in Paul’s seat  and selling 50/50 tickets didn’t bring the luck of the “head table” to past president and past Lt. Gov Bob West, but he did get to sit with Kim


Karen MacGilvray won the brunch certificate AGAIN!  Debbie Knox the pot of gold.








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