Meeting of Nov 19th:

Downstairs in the board room, but a few items of business.   Congratulations to Larry Fleury and the auction committee.  The live auction brought in $14,932.32.  Way to go everyone.


Rick Maxwell gives happy dollars for his 42 Anniversary with Carol and to announce his son’s engagement



President Kim presented Immediate past President Bill Tozier his 5 year legion of merritt


Bob West introduced the speaker, Lindy Howe of Heywood Kennel Sled Dog Adventures on the Church Hill Road.


She told the club they have been training as well as racing sled dogs for 22 years and providing adventures for local youth groups and families.

50/50 winner: Jane Warren ( returned to club)

Brunch Certificate:  Bed Ridley


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Meeting of Nov 12th:


Back upstairs in the State Room for todays Meeting.  Warren Winslow, who missed the legion of honor ceremony was presented his 45 year certificate by Secretary Kim Michaud. He joked he will put his 45 year legion pin right next to the one year perfect attendance pin he recently received.



One last ? auction item


and a few happy dollars.  Betsy among them for recently attending her high school class reunion.


Charlie Kanozak  introduced todays speaker,  Logan Parker; Community Engagement Coordinator at Maine Lakes Resource Center in Belgrade Lakes to speak on our State’s bats.



He spoke about the declining bat population in Maine, due in part to the “white nose” disease which is a virus attacking the bat population.  He said nearly 90% of the bats in Maine are in danger.







50/50 winner: Chelsea Moellar

Brunch certificate: Phil Davidson




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