Meeting of July 23rd

An exciting week for our club with the building of the first phase of the playground at Maine General Medical Center.  Here are a few pictures of those who helped.  Many more pictures are available on our facebook page at :

playgroup (1)



















playfinsih1..Back at the Senator on Thursday for our regular weekly meeting  Kim Mondonedo announced plans to hold the first-ever Black & White Kiwanis
gala, featuring live and silent auctions on Nov. 5.  Much More Info Shortly



Noreen Norton returned just in time to introduce todays speaker



Brian Whitney, president of Maine Technology Institute, told us that MTI has helped fund Maine entrepreneurs and companies grow the economy to the tune of $88 million with federal grant awards and $500 million in total investments to advance technology.


He emphasized that MTI encourages companies and entrepreneurs to develop innovative products, and connects them to the necessary resources. Since its inception 15 years ago, created by the Maine Legislature, MTI has invested nearly $180 million of public money in over 2000 projects across Maine.

Winners—Phil Davidson won the pot o’gold, and Dick Barnes the  brunch certificate.

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Meeting of July 16th:

Ed Heath, club president in 1985 and Lt. Governor in both 1989 & 90, came
back to Kiwanis Thursday for a summer-long visit.  He’s joined at the table
by Charlie Kanozak.



and speaking of past past presidents….John Stanley joined us today also , as the speaker



Dr. Alice Savage gave the club a brief overview of the convention.She
noted that Kiwanis International delegates ( including our reps from
Augusta) voted in a $12. Dues increase for next year. This is the
first increase in many years. A motion to transfer ownership/ decision
making of individual clubs’ foundation to an international committee
was soundedly defeated! Local clubs will continue to choose which
projects of their foundation will be funded.
One of the motivational speakers was Tim Harris, a man born with
Downes Syndrome. His goal was to operate his own restaurant. He has
succeeded and greets his customers with a friendly hello and a hug!
Loved by patrons & staff alike, he stands as a model of determination
to reached a stated goal. So much can be learned through his story of
The Augusta Club was well represented during 100th Year Convention in
Indianapolis. Thank you!


Chelsea and Carrie





11 weeks…but who is counting ?

pres bill


Megan Loubier introduced todays speaker, Augusta Kiwanis Past President John Stanley, now president of the board at the Maine Childrens Home.

megan loubier


John Stanley, Club president in 1993 and now the president of the Board of Directors of the Maine Children’s Home for Little Wanderers in Waterville, returned to the Club Thursday to deliver a presentation on the work of the 100-year-old institution which  began in Augusta.


He told Kiwanis members the Home has 37 full-time members and an annual operating budget of about 1.9 million and 300 “fantastic” volunteers.  Among the variety of programs are “The Children’s Place,” an on-campus program for children—infants to school age.  He described a “Teen Parent School Program,” which in addition to traditional academic programs include birth-related issues, parenting skills,nutrition of Moms and babies, budgeting, grocery shopping and preparing meals.


He mentioned a number of counseling programs typically carrying 200-250 cases a month.  He said their adoption program is Maine’s longest such program with 133 open adoption cases.  He concluded by stating that it’s a quiet little agency that does big things.

Playground update:

The Kiwanis Playground at Mainegeneral is scheduled to be built on Tuesday and Wednesday, July 21 and 22.  We need volunteers from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm Tuesday and 8:00 am to finish on Wednesday.  We need the most volunteers on Wednesday.  Please call me at 215-3577 or email me at and let me know what hours you can work.  If you have 2 hours on either day, it will be helpful.  We will be hands on laying out and putting together the pieces.  Thank you!

Kim I Michaud

revsignWinners:  Roy Hussey brunch certificate; Dick Cummings, a Kiwanis item donated by John Stanley, and Ed Heath won the 50/50 which he promptly donated to the Scholarship Fund


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