Meeting of Feb 26





Best wishes to Peter Thompson on his retirement from the Kennebec Valley Chamber of Commerce.  He brought Patty Paquet, VP of operations at the Chamber as his guest today


Phil Davidson is happy the community services budget is ready: There will be a budget meeting Wednesday night March 4th at Treasurer Phils house, 13 Hillcrest Street, Hallowell














Our speaker today was introduced by Betsy Phol.  The all time Kiwanis blunder made by Bob West on the televised auction  when he tried to get bids on a one nite stay at a local hotel was instead called a “one nite stand”, may be in jeopardy.  In Besty’s introducing of Lee Goldberg, instead of noting he is active in IRIS network, a Portland Non-Profit, she told us Lee is very active in the ISIS network.


Goldberg talked about his career, which began in Ohio and finally brought him home to Portland where he attended Deering High School.  He said while watching Bruce Glasier on Channel 6 one day he realized that’s what he wanted to do in his life.  It was ironic he ended up working with Glasier at WCSH.

He said the focus has changed due to the internet from national and regional sports stories which people now get instantly to local coverage of primarily high school events.


50/50 winner: Bob West
Brunch Certificate: Leo Murphy

Friday night there was an interclub to Rockland where Kim Michauds sister Lynn Merrill spoke.

Lynn Duplisis an Rockland President Jim Heavey

Lynn Duplisis andRockland President Jim Heavey


Interclubs are always fun and one of the requirements a new member must complete to receive their permant badge.  The next one will be to Pittsfield on March 9th: See Kim Michaud for more information.


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Meeting of Feb 19th:


President’s Message

billtoz (2)Have you heard the word “DECON” spoken by Kiwanians lately and wondered what it means?



It means the New England & Bermuda District of Key Club International is holding their annual District Educational Conference (DECON) on April 10, 11, and 12, 2015.  A minimum of at least two High School students from various Key Clubs are in the registration process for the event.  There are club and individual achievement awards to recognize Key Club efforts, as well as contests and a talent show.  The 2015 oratorical contest topic is “What will Key Club accomplish in the next 10 years before Key Club’s 100th anniversary?”  This great affair  is held in Weymouth, MA, and will provide students an opportunity to meet and trade ideas with many other Key Clubs.  The Augusta Kiwanis Club wishes attendees from our local Key Clubs a fantastic event.


Note from Dr. Alice Savage on the Eliminate Project:

List of recognition pieces and deadlines for MNT:baby

Mother’s Day Zeller Award: March 1, 2015-June 15, 2015

Centennial Award: Available now until June 30, 2015

Presidential Zeller Award: Available now until September 30, 2016

Walter Zeller Fellowship: Available till end of MNT program – currently December 31,2015




Membership chair Kim Michaud presents Carrie Arsenault with her permanent badge after she completed the requirements to get rid of her newbie badge.  Congrats Carrie


A few  happy dollars then right onto the speaker introduced, ironically, by Carrie






Local artist Helene Farar gave a talk and slide show presentation about her recent trip with students to Italy.


That head table once again took both drawings:

50/50 Carrie Arsenault (trifecta….permanent badge, intro speaker, and wins 50/50…nows she’s in Florida

Brunch Certificate:  Kim Mondenado






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