Meeting of July 17


Happy Dollars flowed like wine.





IMG_1849Roger Pomerleau was presented a special “Mother’s day Zellar” for all his hard work and contributions to the Eliminate Project and especially our two yard sales.  Presenting the award are two Zellar wearers Kim Michaud and Bob West



Peter Thompson  7/1/82

Bob Leason:  7/20/87

Allyson Handley:  7/28/08

Meg Loubier  7/21/11

Bill Putnam  7/21/11

The community services committee once again offered up posters reminding us not to leave pets or kids in cars.  Thanks to Sherry Gregory for producing the posters.


New member Tom Warren introduced todays speaker :


Charlie Woodworth, Maine Huts & Trail executive director, took us on a colorful slide presentation through their 45-mile hiking and biking experience in the Carabasset Valley, Flagstaff Lake, Mount Bigelow and Grand Falls areas.




He touted their  comfortable year-round bunk rooms in cozy cabins heated by
solar, propane,  wood stoves and electricity.

He focused on their mountain biking, paddle boating and kyaking.



While Milt was in the old Augusta hospital, Scott Dow dropped in as a part-time pastor, in an effort to cheer him up.  It worked!  There were not enough chairs in the room so we got him a commode, dressed him in the required yellow gown and purple gloves.  It cheered him up.



Betsy Pohl won the big bucks and Phil Davidson the gift certificates.


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Meeting of July 10th:

Anyone wanna gamble ?


Good to see Karen McGilvery after a recent accident.


Good to see Dick Cummings back for the summer


I can name that tune in 4 notes



Sponsor Beth Crummett and membership chair Kim welcome the clubs newest member

Carrie Arsenault, executive director of the Childrens Discovery Museum



John Gregory introduced today’s speaker


Colby Professor  Daniel Tortoro  entertained the club with stories about Fort Hallifax in Winslow.  He said the fort was built between 1754-1756 in two phases by Major-General John Winslow and captain William Lithgow.  Among famous people who visited the fort were Benedict Arnold  Paul Revere  and Aaron Burr.


The fort had to be restored after being swept downriver during the flood of 1987.  This was a very interesting talk by Tortoro who has published a book on the forts history called “Fort Halifax, Winslow’s Historic Outpost”





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