Meeting of 1-5-17

We will be collecting socks and gloves for the warming center over the next couple of Thursdays.  Please check your closets for anything you can bring.

Kim Michaud announced the January anniversaries :

Wendell Davidson                           January 1973

Mike Whitman                                  January 1988

Rick Maxwell                                      January 1992

Kim Michaud                                      January 1997   hey, that’s 20 years!

The Senator Inn                                January 2012

Chelsea Moeller                               January 2013



UMA President James Conneely was today’s speaker:

University of Maine at Augusta has satellite campuses across the
Augusta itself boasts 78% adult learners including a large group of
Addressing changing needs & including the skill set of the president
(who is a pilot), the school offers an aviation program which is
working on certification needed for commercial use drones. Nursing has
also been recognized as target need to be filled.
Working on the first master plan since 1998, the school continues to
evolve to provide a local quality education.




Meeting of Dec 15th:

Congratulations to the following members observing their Kiwanis Anniversary this December :

Freeman Littlefield

Phil Davidson

Bill Tozier

Larry Fleury

Jane Warren

 P R E S I D E N T S   Message:

Dear Kiwanians,

It’s hard to believe that we are already three months into our year.  During the past Board of Directors meeting we decided that we would spend our efforts recruiting new members.  Larry will soon hold a committee meeting to put a plan in place for our membership growth.  He cannot do this alone though.  We need every member to help.  Invite a friend to join you at a meeting.  For those of you who have not attended a meeting in a while, we need your attendance and involvement.  Give some thought as to who would like to be more involved in the community and ask them to join us.  

We have Sponsored Youth programs in Augusta, Halldale and Richmond.  The K-kids club at Farrington School and the Builders Club at Cony need club advisors.  Carolyn Perry and Alice Savage did this for many years.  Currently, Kim has been working with Cony teacher Tracy Lloyd who will be the Builder’s Club school advisor, but we’d like a volunteer from our club to be the club advisor.  In January, Kim will hold an informational meeting to go over the details of being an advisor.  If you are interested, please look at the K-kids and Builders Club website for more information and let Kim know.

The club auction was another great success this year.  Many thanks to Larry for all his hard work as well as member’s soliciting efforts.  Larry would like to step back from chairing the auction but is willing to help.  We need another member to volunteer to chair the auction this year.  Larry has the instructions available.  Please let me know if you are willing to help.

Next Thursday we will be having our Christmas Yankee Swap.  Please make it a point to attend.  We have a lot of fun and it would be nice to see the members who have been away for too long.  Bring a small gift for the swap. I hope to see all 63 members there!

If you were unable to join us last week or this week, we have been collecting the Christmas tips for the wait staff.  Please send your donation now to Kiwanis, PO Box 966, Augusta, 04332 and just note that it is for the wait staff. The service is always excellent thanks to Terry and Ron.  

Merry Christmas!

President Paul

Ben  Thomas was our speaker, the Winthrop author spun tails on how to make writing seem more interesting to the reader, forming a bigger picture

Thanks to everyone who braved the cold weather Friday to ring the bell on behalf of the Salvation Army

Sherry Gregory and Jim Jurzak ( left) and Carrie Arsenault and Jane Warren






Reminder, we are collecting this Thursday ( 12/15) for the annual donation to the wait staff.

Also: please join us the following Thursday for the yankee swap and our Christmas tie, sweater, attire competition.