Meetinig of November 20th:

Enjoying a Kiwanis lunch, front to back, Rick Maxwell, his guest, Dr.
Angela Knox, Betsy Pohl, Dave Hastings, and Charlie Kanozak


Left to right, Lt. Gov. Linda Wohl, Bruce Flaherty, Jen Coffin, New member Debbie Knox,
and her mother.





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Meeting of November 13th

Always nice to have visiting Kiwanians.  An interclub from Rockland joined us today




Not a lot of announcements this week with everyone tied up with auction duties










We have enjoyed another fun-filled auction.  Many auction store high bidders shared with a smile their enjoyment, appreciation and thanks   I would like to express my sincere thanks to all of you Kiwanians and Key Club students who contributed your time and resources, before, during and after the event (stores).  We deeply appreciate the strong community support of donors and sponsors and we appreciate that Time Warner Cable recognizes the importance of promoting community efforts such as our auction.  Kudos to all for a successful 2014 Augusta Kiwanis Club Charity Auction.

Kiwanians, please bring a food item to donate over the next two weekly meetings, thank you!

President Bill




















A nice full head table at this weeks regular meeting including PP Rick Maxwell who introduced the speaker.




Maine Seniors Magazine Publisher Sam Rapaport gave Maine seniors the highest marks recently in a presentation before the Augusta Kiwanis Club.

     He emphasized that Maine has more seniors per capita than any other state as he paid tribute to their global military service with 130 more veterans per capita with a tendency to adopt more worthwhile causes than other philanthropic groups.  He also pointed out that Maine attracts more seniors than any other state with greater experience and knowledge.  He said: “The stigma about seniors should go away.”

Although age 50 is generally believed to be the beginning of the senior years, “55 would be more appropriate.” He insisted.  He pointed out that more and more senior citizens, the most talented people in the world, are going on line.  “They’ve been there, done that somewhere else and deserve to receive better compensation.  We should also develop more senior facilities,” he concluded.


Linda still underpaid, won the pot of gold.  Mark Johnson the brunch certificate.


Finally, this weekend many of us worked the auction store.  Thanks to Mike Whitman for donating the space and for Karen organizing the store staff.  More on the auction in coming weeks.





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