Meeting of March 26


Note from President Bill:

Board meeting scheduled for Tuesday, April 14th 5:30 PM

Location: KV Federal Credit Union community room

Who is in charge here:???

While President Bill, Pres Elect Kim, and VP Paul were all absent Past Lt. Gov Bob conducted the meeting, with IPP Rick with Help from John Gregory took care of the 50/50’s and happy dollars.  Past Lt. Gov Kim was also at the head table with New England Gov Elect Bart Steven and current Div 4 Lt. Gov Linda



Ben, Carolyn, and Charlie

Ben, Carolyn, and Charlie

Here are Roy, Peter, Freeman, Leo and Jed with our favorite server Terry in the background


The line of Happy Dollars led by Dr. Savage



Kim Michaud introduced todays speaker: Kiwanis New England & Burmuda District Governor Elect Bart Stevens


He told members : a new day dawns with a focus on blending the old with the new without losing focus on serving children.


bart1 IMG_0467



Kiwanis is an organization that exists from the bottom up in which individual clubs represent what Kiwanis is all about. He emphasized : “As the world becomes smaller and smaller, we take an active interest in all that happens, but the bottom line for most of us is trying to make a difference in the actual communities where we live and work every day.



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Meeting of March 19th:




billAt the New England District Kiwanis mid-winter conference, Glen Cefalo, Governor reminded us of a couple of great options to grow and retain our membership.  Our district was chosen for a pilot Kiwanis Family Membership program.

The pilot enables up to two additional Kiwanis members living at the same residence as a primary member (who pays the regular dues amounts) to enjoy Kiwanis membership at discounted rates.  Family members do not need to be related, but only to live at the same location.  A family member pays only half the normal amount for District and International dues and is not required to pay for the Kiwanis magazine subscription.  Family members hold the same privileges of membership as primary members, including serving as a club officer.

We hope that Kiwanians will use this option to grow and strengthen our club.  If you have any questions, I encourage you to contact me for more information.


President Bill


Our meeting this week was in the boardrooms downstairs.  A good turnout as spring approached


Mark Johnston returned to the piano in person and the head table was full once again


PIANOhead table








Kim Michaud presented Milt Huntington who is back with us with his 57 year perfect attendance pin.  Even though he’s been out a few weeks recovering, his work each week behind the scenes with Public Relations is a make up .



Sherry Gregory introduced todays speaker

sherry introduce


.. Lanelle Freeman, Social Services Director for KVCAP announced that
April is Child Abuse Prevention month. Several activities are planned.
She told the club about latest studies that discuss the Period of
Purple Crying. A period of time when an infant may not be consoled by
attention, food, diaper change etc.  The education tells everyone that
it is okay if they cry.

Better to leave them safe & walk away than to succumb to shaking the
child in frustration. Too many injuries from shaken baby are occurring
as even a minor shake could leave child permanently blind or other
brain injury. Pinwheels were distributed for businesses to display to
call attention to Child Abuse Prevention!

Also in attendance was Pat Kosma, CEO of KVCAP

Karen MacGilvary won the big  bucks which she donated to the Kiwanis Playground Fund.  Warren Winslow won the brunch certificate


This past weekend several of us attended the Kiwanis Mid-Winter training in Mansfield Mass.

Those who went from Augusta were Kiwanis International Foundation Trustee, Dr. Alice Savage, President Bill Tozier, President Elect Kim Mondonedo, Vice President Paul Michaud, Lt. Governor Linda Wohl, Secretary Kim Michaud, Past New England Gov Carolyn Perry and Past Lt. Gov Bob West.  Your club was well represented.  Thanks to everyone who took time out of their busy schedule to attend.

Kim at her K-Kids table

Kim at her K-Kids table

Alice, Kim and Carolyn at the opening session

Alice, Kim and Carolyn at the opening session


President Bill helping stuff food baskets for a local church

President Bill helping stuff food baskets for a local church


which way to the hospitality suite

which way to the hospitality suite






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