Meeting of April 9th

002Spring must be here…look at all the pink…outfits and pink tickets


Always nice to find out what happened on this day in history


President Bill presented a plaque which Chelsea brought from the old Augusta General Hospital site.

Club historian Milt says it was mounted in the Kiwanis Laboratory.  The club made a sizeable donation to the lab at AGH each year.



Acting on a board recommendation:  President Bill presented our long term banquet coordinator and server Terri Shaw with honorary membership in the club.  Congratulations Terri


Charlie Kanozak told members he will be collecting donations over the next couple of weeks to defray costs for the upcoming Youth Services and Distinguished Youth Programs


Our speaker today was our own Betsy Pohl with an update on the Lithgow Library expansion. She said the existing location will be closed as of Saturday with a temporary library opening at the old hospital (the Ballard Center) in early May.


She told us the new improved library at Winthrop and Oak street will reopen in 2016 with a new main entrance facing Oak Street.  It will include a new community room which will seat up to 100.

She said one of the highlights will be an original Stained Glass Window from the old Augusta railroad station, made possible with a donation from Kennebec Savings Bank.  The new library will be approximately 31-thousand square feet compared to the existing one at 14,500.


50/50 winner:  Jed Davis

Brunch Certificate:  Roy Hussey


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Meeting of April 2nd


good crowd on hand again this Thursday










..  Milt explained emphatically he was not sitting at the head table purely in
the interest of enhancing his chances of winning something, but simply to
hear the speakers better.  Then he went ahead and won the brunch


Debbie Violette introduced todays speaker :


Bob Stillwell of the Maine State Radon Program told members about the dangers or Radon and how the state is trying to protect homeowners and tenants.

The State advises you to take action to reduce the radon level in your home’s indoor air at 4 pCi/L, but consider reducing levels between 2 and 4 pCi/L. The current advisory level for radon in your home’s water supply is 4,000 pCi/L. At levels of 4,000 pCi/L or higher you should consider action beginning with reviewing your total radon risk (from radon in air and water). As your radon level in water gets closer to 10,000 pCi/L, you need to more strongly consider installing treatment.


IMG_0523 addition to Milt winning the brunch certificate, Kim Michaud won the 50/50 and Sherry Gregory was high bidder for a hockey ticket donated by Debbie Violette



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