Meeting of September 11th:

We began the day with a moment of silence on this Sept 11 anniversary.

Kim Mondonedo gets down and dirty to launch the latest method of raising money for  the Eliminate Project.  Make a pledge of your choosing for $$$ per pushup each week.  What a good sport you are, Kim!

push up

Freeman is gearing up for food for the auction, Paul is apparently contemplating any requests.



Larry Fleury handed out the solicitation forms on Thursday.  See him if you don’t have yours.  With Larry is his guest Matt Pouliout





Don’t forget about the upcoming Governors visit


Carrie Arsenault introduced todays speaker

carrie introduces


Craig Larrabee, president and CEO of Jobs For Maine Graduates, Inc. gave the Kiwanis Club Thursday a program overview of their dropout prevention effort which now boasts a four-year graduation rate of 92%.

speaker 9-11

Larrabee said Maine has one of the best programs in the country, a private, non-profit operation established by the Maine Legislature in 1993 to minimize drop-outs and provide better school to work transition. He cited Maine Department of Labor figures showing 52% of JMG graduates enroll in post-secondary education and go on to earn 14% more than their peers 6 years after graduation.

He credited the success of the 79 high schools serving 5,000 students to the efficient use of business model practices, cost effective programs, education plans for each student, and program accountability among other innovative efforts



Bob West and John Gregory combined resources to win the 50/50 while Brianne McNalley won the brunch certificate.



September 25     Thursday     Augusta Club Installation          at        12:00 noon
September 29     Monday       Rockland Club Installation        at          6:00 pm
October 4            Monday       Pittsfield Club Installation         at          6:00 pm
October 13          Monday       Waterville Club Installation       at          6:00 pm
I welcome any club member who would like to go with me to the installations.

Linda Wohl,
Lt. Gov. Div. 4






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Meeting of Sept 4th: 2014


Another decent crowd for the first meeting in September:


Kim Michaud announces the September Anniversaries


Moe Fortin 9/23/94

Chuck Hayes 9/13/2005

Karen McGillivray 9/11/2009

Peter Mendall 9/30/1994

Craig Nelson 9/5/1974

Dale Prescott 9/23/1994

Alice Savage 9/18/1997


Betsy Pohl with her ever popular today in history






A Happy Dollar from Leo for the mention of Plummers Funeral Home.  He said he will try and get reimbursed from Mike or Pat, Good Luck with that.







Kim Presents Alice with her  17  year perfect attendance certificate


..IMG_2887Retirement suits Bruce Flaherty well.  He’s able to once again make the meetings on a regular basis.

Jim Jurczak introduced todays speaker



George Smith, Mount Vernon, popular outdoor enthusiast and columnist , treated the Augusta Kiwanis Club to a sample of his new book  “A Life Lived Outdoors”.


Smith is also a former executive director of the Sportsman Alliance of Maine. He and his wife, Linda, travel throughout the state reviewing restaurant dining experiences. He told Kiwanians that meeting interesting people and describing interesting menus to produce “Travelin’ Mainers “ was the favorite part of his job.


Sporting camps, bird watching, yard sales, hunting and fishing columns were other highlights of his literary pursuits. He mentioned a number of celebrities in the new book such as Bob Reny of Reny Department Stores, and said a book about Sen. Edmund Muskie would be his next book.

Kiwanis youngsters Milt Huntington and Roy Hussey were the big winners Thursday—Roy got the money in the drawing.  Milt took home  the brunch certificates.



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