Meeting of August 27, 2015

Nice to see Dale Prescott this week, sitting with Dr. K


a bit better crowd, but it will increase as we move into September. It always does



Retirement fits him well…. ( you have to ask ? ) answer below, if you really don’t know.


Don’t look now, but ALL 3 officers in attendance

headtable speaking of officers, Who is that  behind those Foster Grants ( Raybans)


and as always, we eat well, this week with Meatloaf.

buffet line


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Meeting of August 20th:

Another sparse summer crowd.  Hope to see you all soon

Chief bulletin photographer Milt Huntington back from Moosehead.



Kim Michaud tells us that Beth Crummett,  in attendance today is celebrating her fourth anniversary of joining the club this month.


With both the vice president and president elect MIA, past president Bob West stepped up to count the 50/50 and happy dollar money.  Plus he figured sitting at the head table increases his chances of winning the drawings.





Dr. Nathan Harmon, Director of inpatient Geriatrics, and Amy Perez-Blaisdell, Elder Life Specialist at Augusta’s Alfond Center for Health, spoke to the Club Thursday on their programs to assist elder patients.


speakers both

They described the program that battles delirium and helps to cut back on the length of hospital stays, and in the process, helps to save the hospital money. Over 120 hospitals prescribe to the program.

speaker doctor

Jane Warren won the brunch certificate and Mark Johnston the 50-50 money.


Convention Highlights

The 97the New England and Bermuda District of Kiwanis Convention was held inn Leominster MA.  Our club was well represented with LTG Linda Wohl, Kim Michaud, Paul Michaud, Beth Crummett, Dr. Alice Savage and Carolyn Perry in attendance.  Congratulations to Paul Michaud who was installed as the Division 4 Lieutenant Governor.  Bart Stevens of the Waterville club was  installed as NE&B District Governor by Kiwanis International President Dr. John Button.






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