Meeting of September 25th:

IMG_0075A full house ( almost) for todays special meeting.



Once again, Peters guest was Glen Cummings, UMA President, who has turned in his application to become our newest member.


..Among the guests were incoming President Bills parents and wife Kelley


A day so special even Rotarians wanted to be there.  Christine Devine is also Bills boss, probably keeping an eye on him.



The annual installation of officers was held today, with President Rick starting the meeting giving out his thanks to his committee chairs.


Larry Fluery is photographed twice twice–once for being elected a new director and again when he urges members to get their Auction slips in early














..Secretary for Bills year will be past president and past Lt. Governor Kim Michaud.   also a past president and Lt. Governor Bob West Pinned Kim commenting he was proud to have been her original sponsor.


..Lt. Gov Linda discharged President Rick Maxwell, reminding him he continues on the board for one more year as Immediate Past President


Paul Michaud was installed as Vice President


Kim Mondanado moves up to President Elect



and congratulations to new Augusta Kiwanis President Bill Tozier



IMG_2903IMG_2912speaking of Presidents…here is the President of the prestigious past Presidents club.  Jim announced this years annual past presidents dinner will be at the Augusta Country Club on October 15th, with social hour at 5:30 and dinner at 6:30. The remainder of the agenda for that night is TOP SECRET.   If you don’t have your invitation yet email jim at


and the official passing of the gavel



The official story :




Bill Tozier became the 93rd president of the Augusta Kiwanis Club Thursday, drawing a crowd of 40 Kiwanians and guests. The installation of Officers featured recognition awards and remarks from the new and outgoing president.

Rick Maxwell was installed Immediate Past President. Kim Monndonedo was elected President-Elect; Paul Michaud, vice president; Phillip Davidson, treasurer; Gary LaPierre, assst. treasurer; Kim Michaud, secretary; Beth Crummet, asst. secretary.

Directors: Expiring Sept. 30, 2015: Clayton Rollins, Alice Savage, Karen McGilvray.

Directors: Expiring Sept. 30, 2016: Brianne McNally, Bill Putnam, Roger Pomerleau.

Directors Expiring Sept. 30, 2017: Larry Fleury, Jennifer Cummings, Kim Michaud.

Scholarship Foundation Board of Trustees:

Clayton Rollins, Treas. Sept. 30, 2016; Jed Davis, Swept. 30, 2016; Sheryl Gregory, Sept. 30, 2016, (completing Russell Brown term).

Mark Johnston, Warren Winslow, Mike Whitman, Sept. 30, 2017, (elected to complete Chuck Calligan term).

Linda Wohl, a former Augusta Kiwanis president, who was recently elected Lieutenant Governor of Division 4, conducted the Installation of Officers.

In a surprise move: Dr. Alice Savage presents a “presidents” Zellar award to new President Bill Tozier.  The monies raised by the Zellars goes directly to the Eliminate Program


IMG_2907 IMG_2909

We are now less than $3,000 from meeting our goal of being a model club


You ain’t gonna believe this.  The new regime started right  out winning everything.  Bob West (visiting the head table for the installation) won the money and the brunch certificate and Kim Mondonedo, also at the head table, won the Capital Read book of the year donated  by Betsy Pohl


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Meeting of Sept 18th:

Good crowd on hand for the meeting in the downstairs board rooms.  The head table physical elimjarchallenge helped boost the eliminate project by close to $100.00.  Reminder, we are on track for being a model club.  Please add your loose change or more to the jars on the tables each week.

Thanks to Pres Rick for walking, President Elect Bill for his walk/run/walk and Vice President Kim for her pushups which were pledged for.


Speaking of pushups…we discovered Bob West can’t do any, Past President Kim can and Ben Ridley can do as many as he wants.


IMG_0049bobymcaKVYMCA director Tom Warren gave Bob this pass …so maybe eventually…..

Always nice to see Peter Mendall in our midst



Welcome to our newest member Deb Violette, sponsored by Roger Pomerleau





September 25     Thursday     Augusta Club Installation          at        12:00 noon
September 29     Monday       Rockland Club Installation        at          6:00 pm
TBA:                                            Pittsfield Club Installation         at          6:00 pm
TBA;                                            Waterville Club Installation       at          6:00 pm
I welcome any club member who would like to go with me to the installations.

Linda Wohl,
Lt. Gov. Div. 4



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