Meeting of August 21, 2015

Fairly good crowd on hand as August comes to an end and we get back to normal in the fall.

Nice to see Uncle Milty back from a brief Moosehead vacation



Bill Tozier announced the beginning of planning for this years auction.


Of course, a bunch of happy dollars








The Augusta Kiwanis  Club was introduced to the game of Pentanque Thursday by Raymond Fecteau,  a former president  of the Calumet Club who is looking to expand the low cost-family-oriented sport at the Mill Park.


Fecteau brought the game To Augusta from a vacation in France where 17 million people participate.  More than 50 groups are now involved in the sport  here  in which the goal is to throw little metal balls as close as possible to a smaller ball while standing with the feet within a circle.  The courts are designed to accommodate the handicapped.

The  courts are available Tuesdays at 6:30 pm and Saturdays from 9am until noon.



Karen MacGillvary won the brunch certificate and John Gregory  & Bob West shared the big bucks.





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Meeting of August 14

3 Generations in attendance


Good line for happy dollars








 August Anniversaries

Beth Crummett  8-22-2011
Ron Trahan 8-22-2011
Gene Glad 8-1-1991
Sherry Gregory 8-29-1996
Todays speaker was Abigail Perry, executive director of the Augusta Food Bank, introduced by Betsy Pohl
They have been helping those in need since 1981. Clients may receive groceries every 28-30 days, which include eggs, bread, produce, canned goods, dry foods and meat choices.

IMG_2864 speaker


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